A New Home to Drive a Vision

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Hey, Estéban here! 👋

Since August 2023, I'm in charge of the website and the marketing part of UnJS and today, I will share some updates with you.

My first mission was to build a new website, a new home that represents the ecosystem, its ambitions, and helps you get the most out of UnJS. And today, after many iterations, the entire team is proud to announce that this new home is here! 🎉

To explore it, you don't have to go far, you're already on it.

Screenshot of the new website

It took me months, but we now have a solid foundation on which to continue creating content. In 2024, expect a lot of exclusive content.

The UnJS website is built with Nuxt and Nuxt UI. It is open-source and if you like it, give it a star!

Current Content

Actually, you can already find many things.

Our home page introduces you to the UnJS ecosystem with insightful numbers and information, giving you a vivid picture of what we're all about.

Dive into our blog space to stay in the loop with our latest updates about the UnJS ecosystem. We will share exciting stories, news, and insights. We've created some RSS feeds to help you stay up to date with our latest content.

Explore our comprehensive list of packages, using a search bar, filters, and sorting. This will help you to navigate through the ecosystem and find the right package for your needs.

Screenshot of the package list

For each package, you will be able to access its documentation and discover some interesting stats like the number of downloads and the stars on GitHub.

Screenshot of a single package

Need to infuse your projects with UnJS aesthetics? Our design kit is your go-to resource, offering easy access to our colors, logos, and package visuals. If you do something cool with it, please share it with us on X!

Screenshot of the design kit

Additionally, we also build internal and external tools to help you and us understand and manage the ecosystem. We will share some of them with you in the future.

Coming in 2024

I will create content to help you understand the ecosystem. This will be done around three pillars:

  • Learn, 101 tutorial to get started with our packages
  • Build, to create real-world projects by combining packages
  • Explore, to deep dive into packages to discover how they are built

We will also share with you a monthly update on this blog for staying informed about the latest developments, releases, and achievements within the UnJS ecosystem. The first one is expected in the beginning of February 2024.

And because I love numbers, I will share with you a deeper understanding of the evolution of UnJS. You can already find the first one on the website.


All of this is just the beginning of a bigger story. In 2024, we will do our best to allow you to master the UnJS ecosystem. 💛

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