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Async Key-Value storage API with dozens of built-in drivers and a tiny core.

Unstorage provides an async Key-Value storage API with conventional features like multi driver mounting, watching and working with metadata, dozens of built-in drivers and a tiny core.

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  • Designed for all environments: Browser, NodeJS, and Workers
  • Lots of Built-in drivers
  • Asynchronous API
  • Unix-style driver mounting to combine storages
  • Default in-memory storage
  • Tree-shakable utils and tiny core
  • Auto JSON value serialization and deserialization
  • Binary and raw value support
  • State snapshots and hydration
  • Storage watcher
  • HTTP Storage with built-in server


Install unstorage npm package:

# yarn
yarn add unstorage

# npm
npm install unstorage

# pnpm
pnpm add unstorage
import { createStorage } from "unstorage";

const storage = createStorage(/* opts */);

await storage.getItem("foo:bar"); // or storage.getItem('/foo/bar')

👉 Check out the the documentation for usage information.


  • Clone repository
  • Install dependencies with pnpm install
  • Use pnpm dev to start jest watcher verifying changes
  • Use pnpm test before pushing to ensure all tests and lint checks passing